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A few blogging truths & strategies

Here is a list of a few things I have found out during my first 4 months of blogging: Truths No matter what we say, we all want some site traffic. “I’d be writing these things either way.” Not entirely true. My blog is about showcasing my own writer’s journey from start to finish. While […]

The Lieutenants: 2nd, General Victus

“Victus! Victus! Victus!” -Victory chants, Battles of Athos: 8th Engagement General is another title that has lasted through the ages, and it is usually a customary title for the High-King as his word has the final say. Victus, a weathered man in his forties, unofficially holds it, however. His charisma and proven strategic genius in […]

POLL!: Which POV character’s story are you most interested in reading about?

The introductions are done, and I have posted a short summary for each of my nine POV characters for FOTS. You can find them all listed here. Each summary is very short. With enough votes, it may help me see which of my characters are more interesting to readers. For those who like voting on […]

National Cultures of Pentia: Talon

Capital City: Talon Estimated total population: 2,948,718 Estimated military size (absolute maximum strength): 115,000 Typical appearance and social/cultural traits: Talonians have brown hair and brown eyes. The geography of the gigantic forests is a sort of land-within-a-land, secluding the people from the rest of the world. As a result, the culture of Talon is very different from other […]

POV: “Captain”

The Captain is one of the banished people, who now live on the south-east island of shame. It has been almost 500 years since the so-called Holy Ones were last seen on the mainland that the other nations now disrespectfully call Pentia. The name insinuates five peoples existence in the world, when in fact there […]

The next step for FOTS Fantasy

There is enough to talk about that I figure a full update is needed. 1: Post changes There are notable post changes. The early tentative schedule was Mon/Wed/Fri with random other things in between. I want to keep that going as best I can, while toning down the posts per week for the summer. Monday […]


Wow, incredible! Thanks to everyone who has followed FOTS Fantasy since it began just over 3 months ago, back on March 4, 2013. There have already been visitors from 21 different countries. You guys are the best. Another special shout out to those who read each and every post, I hope I have been entertaining […]

The Lieutenants: 3rd, Mantus the Enduring

“Thank the Gods he is on our side!” –Rammos, 6th Lieutenant Mantus the Enduring he is named, for there was no ready traditional name available for his unique abilities. Enduring was chosen as it had the same style as the other titles in the Aquari armies, but everyone knows him as Mantus the Unbreakable. They […]

Site maintenance

Today, just a simple alert for readers. Only you will see this as there is no point in adding tags here. There will be another more public update on Thursday (most-likely) talking about the next stage of blog posts, but for now, a maintenance notification. I have switched themes to a new one that is […]

National Cultures of Pentia: Sola

Capital City: Sola Estimated total population: 2,883,692 Estimated military size (absolute maximum strength): 146,000 Typical appearance and social/cultural traits: The people of Sola have pitch-black hair and green eyes. They are fashion conscious, preferring to wear bright clothing and plenty of expensive jewellery. Part of this comes from Sola being the richest nation in the world, and […]

Progress Journal Entry 3: Chapters 11-15

Another milestone! Fifteen chapters out of the seventy-nine have been written for the first draft. In this batch, I only experienced minor setbacks due to a few job interviews I had this week. Fingers crossed for a call early next week. One of them was a great fit for me. Anyway, these latest chapters were […]

POV: “Academic”

The Academic lives in the great, shared, Holy City of Penta with her father, a Polarian councilman. For his young and bright, intelligent daughter, he has privately hired a prominent Kanari scholar to enhance her learning. It is a controversial move, as scholars are known to dabble with philosophical topics that extend far beyond the […]

Shocking Revelation! from an early (awful) map drawing

I found this map in my pictures folder a few days ago. I’m happy that I saved it because it was fun, even funny, to see how my original idea has changed over time. This is the very first map attempt I made. I drew it on my laptop using Paint. Something very weird happened […]

The Lieutenants: 4th, Pactus the Strong

“Word is someone brought the First to one knee this morning. Who was it?” –The Lieutenant Training Grounds, Islos So, we have come to the top four. These are great men amongst great men. Not great for the goodness of their personal intentions or from the morality of the outcomes they carve into history with […]

First look at Rees (short excerpt)

This is another short excerpt, this time showing the beginning of the story of the Archer POV, Rees. This is taken from chapter 7 of book one, and it is in first draft form (i.e. limited figurative language and only basic descriptions). It is far from great but I just want to show a little […]

Award Nomination! and a great blog for writers

Thank you!!! Wow, I have received another award nomination for this blog, a second nomination for the Liebster! All my thanks go to Lauren Sapala.  Not too long ago, I wrote a post for this award,, so unfortunately I will not be writing another, but I feel just as honoured for this nomination as I […]

National Cultures of Pentia: The Autonomous City-State of Penta

Estimated total population: 400,000 Estimated military size (at absolute full strength): 12,000 Typical appearance and social/cultural traits: Citizens of Penta come from all over the world, but typically they live in the separate district for their own nation. Each of the five outer districts is located on the opposite side from the nation’s actual location on […]

POV: “Soldier”

The Soldier is a gifted talent, and has done well for himself. He has been in a few battles, performed exceptionally, and has received attention to the point of gaining his own king’s favour. From the outside his life appears to be great. Yet besides all of the positive happenings in his professional life, he […]

“Rise of Endymion” Review

RISE OF ENDYMION (Hyperion Cantos #4), by Dan Simmons 4 out of 5 (Really Liked It) The time of reckoning has arrived. As a final genocidal Crusade threatens to enslave humanity forever, a new messiah has come of age. She is Aenea and she has undergone a strange apprenticeship to those known as the Others. […]

The Lieutenants: 5th, Arturus Mariner

“Such a shame” Arturus is a rarity among the Aquari. He is a fine sailor and works as a non-military man on the side. The nickname Mariner has become a surname, a very uncommon occurrence in their culture, and it was most likely first meant to be a mocking of his lifestyle. Typically in Aquari […]

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