Every present has a past, and an imaginary world is no different. I can’t say how many times I have been reading a fantasy series, and no matter how great the present story is, I just want to get to the next section where the epic and glorious history is explained further. This must be a side effect from my love of history, especially ancient history. Fantasy histories typically follow the same guideline. The present world’s past was glorious, usually there is a Golden Age of some sort and/or periods where epic wars raged everywhere and the ‘world as we know it’ was shaped. In many ways, this is similar to real history. In our past, there were plenty of heroes and leaders who did incredible things, many of which are nearly impossible to emulate today.

Illustrated by Ted Nasmith

Illustrated by Ted Nasmith (click for source)

I’ll mention right here that if I had to choose a favourite book it is Tolkien‘s The Silmarillion. It explains the vast, distant past of Middle Earth, the same world of his more well known The Lord of the Rings (as an aside, I use the more famous and well known books in my blog posts because I feel that is the best way to let the largest amount of people who may be reading my posts to relate to what I am saying). The Silmarillion, like many other fantasy series’ histories, uses events from thousands and thousands of years in the past. For my story, the distant past will become known over time as you read. For some of the nations, their history is shared and at one point in time they branched out and populated the rest of the continent. Certain events related to what happened long ago are the cultural sources for grudges, alliances, and smaller things like language insults and phrases. For a couple of the other nations, whose past was experienced apart from the others, their distant past is glorious with tales of heroes and amazing individuals.

Illustrated by Ted Nasmith

Illustrated by Ted Nasmith (click for source)

But the distant past is not the only thing I believe you will fall in love with in my FOTS series. The recent past has more details in it and is of greater importance to the characters. For most of the peoples, it is what I mentioned in my post, RELIGION; a great war almost brought them all to annihilation, were it not for a few miracle events that maintainted sanity’s balance on a knife’s edge.

Illustrated by Ted Nasmith

Illustrated by Ted Nasmith (click for source)

I am using one of my main POV characters to explain the details of what happened back then. She is a young academic studying under a prominent scholar. For the other nations, who I noted above differ from the rest, unsurprisingly, have a very different recent past. Events that are important to them sent them away from their homeland, the reason why they are here in the main continent for this tale.

I know that in my posts so far, my disclosure in describing certain things has been very general. I promise it will all come together soon enough as I release more detailed content, so hang in there! I won’t disappoint you.

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