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Pentia A-Z: G is for Garden of the Masters

The Garden of the Masters, or Garden of Greats, is a burial site lying outside of the Talonian capital. There, the great Masters of the past are buried in their tombs. From afar, the buildings of the garden that house the dead are low and hidden from view, beneath growth and behind hills. Within the cover […]

National Cultures of Pentia: The Shora

Capital City: Aquari: Aquos, Esteri: Cressos Estimated total population: Aquari: 340,659, Esteri: 296,703 Estimated military size (absolute maximum strength): Aquari: 62,000, Esteri: 54,000 Typical appearance and social/cultural traits: The Shora have dark, red coloured hair, and bright cyan eyes. They are super-human in strength, speed, and intellect. They also, by appearance at least, possess less emotion. This is […]

National Cultures of Pentia: Talinar, “The Blue”

Capital City: Blesina Estimated total population: ??? Estimated military size (absolute maximum strength): ??? Typical appearance and social/cultural traits: The people of the former nation of Talinar of the south, now living on the continent’s largest island against their wills, have almost black, navy-blue hair and gold coloured eyes. Stereotypical racial values include ambition, opportunism, commerce, and hard-nosed […]

National Cultures of Pentia: The Kanari

Capital City: Kanar Estimated total population: 1,292,308 Estimated military size (absolute maximum strength): 84,000 Typical appearance and social/cultural traits: The Kanari have light brown hair and rusty, red/brown eyes. Kanar is the oldest civilization and culture in Pentia, as all of the Pentian races originally came from the deserts. Although there are unique cultural differences […]

Pentia A-Z: E is for Exile

This Exile is not the aforementioned POV character “The Exile”. It also stands for a landmark in the southern nation of Sola. It is the name of the westernmost mountain of the Cloud Tops, and for the immediate surrounding lands at the foot of the mountain. Beneath Exile lies a labyrinth of natural dark tunnels […]

National Cultures of Pentia: The Askarians

Capital City: Askar Estimated total population: 1,681,319 Estimated military size (absolute maximum strength): 153,000 Typical appearance and social/cultural traits: The people of Askar to the north-east have dark blonde hair and grey eyes. They are known for their expert craftsmanship, and there are no finer smiths in the world than the ones in the nation of Askar, […]

National Cultures of Pentia: The Polarians

Capital City: Pola Estimated total population: 666,667 Estimated military size (absolute maximum strength): 104,000* Typical appearance and social/cultural traits: The people of Pola have pitch-black hair and green eyes, and are akin to the Solans in the south, although both cultures have long since gone separate ways. They are passionate and skilled in the arts. They also have […]

National Cultures of Pentia: Talon

Capital City: Talon Estimated total population: 2,948,718 Estimated military size (absolute maximum strength): 115,000 Typical appearance and social/cultural traits: Talonians have brown hair and brown eyes. The geography of the gigantic forests is a sort of land-within-a-land, secluding the people from the rest of the world. As a result, the culture of Talon is very different from other […]

National Cultures of Pentia: Sola

Capital City: Sola Estimated total population: 2,883,692 Estimated military size (absolute maximum strength): 146,000 Typical appearance and social/cultural traits: The people of Sola have pitch-black hair and green eyes. They are fashion conscious, preferring to wear bright clothing and plenty of expensive jewellery. Part of this comes from Sola being the richest nation in the world, and […]

Shocking Revelation! from an early (awful) map drawing

I found this map in my pictures folder a few days ago. I’m happy that I saved it because it was fun, even funny, to see how my original idea has changed over time. This is the very first map attempt I made. I drew it on my laptop using Paint. Something very weird happened […]

National Cultures of Pentia: The Autonomous City-State of Penta

Estimated total population: 400,000 Estimated military size (at absolute full strength): 12,000 Typical appearance and social/cultural traits: Citizens of Penta come from all over the world, but typically they live in the separate district for their own nation. Each of the five outer districts is located on the opposite side from the nation’s actual location on […]

National Cultures of Pentia: Intro

Just a short intro and news post today. I am currently chipping away at a few posts that preview my different nations a little more closely. Since I have a visual of the world map on the blog now, I thought it would be a great idea. These posts will be basic profiles of each […]

POLL!: Whose side are you on?

Hello readers! It’s poll time. Now that the map for the blog is complete and posted, I ask you, whose side are you on? and possibly as part of your answer, where would you choose to live? Please have a quick look at the map to decide on your top two choices, then feel free […]

World Map Feature #6: Final Blog Version

This is the near-final version of my hand-made world map. I actually finished this a long time ago, and have been releasing it in pieces, on purpose. Here are all the names of the major players in Pentia. You may have noticed the similarity between the names Sola and Pola. These are the two nations […]

Pentia A-Z: B is for Blesina

Blesina is the new capital city of the Banished People. It is situated on a north-west corner of the large, south-east island (full map will be up soon). The city has an “oversized” port (much larger than the above picture), but little else is known. The island is mostly a mystery as its new inhabitants […]

World Map Feature #5: Large Cities, Minor Cities

Plenty more locations in this edition. These are all of the major cities in this world. Those with a diamond are the capitals from last week, while the squares are cities with populations higher than two-hundred thousand, and the circles are smaller populations. Each was once its own city-state but most now have allegiance to […]

World Map Feature #4: Capital Cities

Here they are! Now we can see where these people actually live. Five mainland national capitals, two newcomer cities, the banished island capital, and the central shared city. These are the political centres of this world, where major decisions for good or bad are made. Like any real nations, each has its own unique political […]

Pentia A-Z: A is for Askar

Askar is both the name of a city and a nation. The city of Askar, the capital of the north-east nation, houses the Askarian King and his household. The city is not the largest in the nation, but is central to politics and international trade. Much of the nation’s population lives in a harsh and […]

World Map Feature #3: Hills, Forests, and Dunes

Map 3 has a few more landscape additions, like the title suggests. Not too much here, but next week I’ll be adding the capitals, followed by all cities, and then most likely labels for everything. Forests provide obstacles for travel, cover for those wishing to escape, and for one nation, isolation from the world allowing […]

World Map Feature #2: Mountains and Water

The first map I posted was just an outline. Here I have added mountains, rivers, lakes, and a title. Note that the rivers you see here are the larger, main rivers of the story. There are of course smaller bodies of water everywhere, like there is in our own geography. I said in one of […]

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