One Lovely Blog Award

I have been kindly nominated for the One Lovely Blog award.

Let’s go through the process for this award, shall we?

1)  Thank the one that nominated you.

Many thanks to D. James Fortescue! Check out his excellent website, you’ll be glad you did.

2)  Put up the picture for the One Lovely Blog Award.one_lovely_blog_award

3)  Tell everyone seven things about yourself.

I am half-German, and can speak the language with some proficiency although I am incredibly rusty.

My age? This seems like a good time/place to mention it. I am 23.

Despite being Canadian, a sports fanatic, and having played it as a kid for 7 years, I’m not much of an ice hockey fan.

I have been the driver in a car crash where the air-bags were deployed, and the car was totalled. It was not my fault (trust me!), someone ran a stop sign. Everyone was okay.

I need to find a new job ASAP: A) because I’m running dangerously low on funds, and B) so I can finance my favourite activity: travelling. The last place I went to was Miami in 2012, and I highly recommend it.

The geekiest thing I own by far is a 10-DVD box set of the show Gundam Wing.

I’m definitely a city person.

4)  And nominate seven other people and tell them in their blogs that you nominated them.

I’ve picked some of my favourite blogs, also making sure they were different from the ones Mr. Fortescue chose. Make sure to visit them all!

-Emmy at Flaming Colours

-Emily Ramos’s Adventures in Fantasy

-Alex at Valourbörn

-Jenn Lyons at

-Christine at Plotting Bunnies

-Nathan Wilson’s The Lair of Nate

-The clever one behind High Fantasy Addict


  1. Thanks very much for the nomination! I’m so happy that you like my blog. Congrats on your shiny award! 😀

    1. No problem! I’ve enjoyed what you put up on the blog. Thank you.

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