Progress Journal Entry 3: Chapters 11-15

chapters 11-15

Character cloud for section, chapters 11-15 (by # of mentions)

Another milestone! Fifteen chapters out of the seventy-nine have been written for the first draft. In this batch, I only experienced minor setbacks due to a few job interviews I had this week. Fingers crossed for a call early next week. One of them was a great fit for me. Anyway, these latest chapters were as fun to write as the previous chapters. Now that all of my POV characters have had at least one chapter to their name, the overall story is beginning to pick up. I believe that I have done a good job with keeping the beginning of this book as simple as I can. Instead of mentioning a huge amount of characters and places right away as a lot of fantasy works tend to do, I have chosen to begin each of the eight POV stories right away, with pretty much only the key characters, and any locations I have mentioned thus far can be easily found on the map. These first 15 chapters will take the first 100 pages or so in the final draft, so now that the readers have a solid foundation for learning the world through the main characters, I can expand naturally. Some fantasy novels mention pieces of complicated lore right away. It’s like trying to teach someone a language by teaching intermediate terminology before the basics. That being said, sometimes the opposite approach of throwing the reader into the fray from the very start works just as well, but it tends to mean many readers give up before they get their feet planted. Here I’ll be starting with the basics, so don’t you worry FOTS readers. The biggest concern with this approach is boring readers with being too basic in the beginning.

In chapter 11, Cirrus, the soldier POV, is attending a funeral for someone close to him. I also explain some of the funeral process for his race and the reader learns more about the culture. Cirrus is also given some incredible news, so for him it is bitter-sweet. Here is also the first introduction for a Lieutenant character, Arturus Mariner, part of a very important set of side characters in this story. If you haven’t read about them yet, check them out!

Chapter 12 continued King Eurik’s visits throughout his kingdom. He stops by another city, and is in a rush to get to the next one, the Esteri city, to talk with their king to clear up some issues that his own people are concerned about. The rumours from the west are not being received well by his fellow lords, and he is starting to doubt his own views on the matter.

Chapter 13 was a shorter chapter for my exile POV, Mars. Remember I said in the last entry that his life was about to get rough? Well, at the end of this chapter, it began. It was a result of the most significant connection between story lines so far. The result of chapter 10 was a law being passed, and Mars is impacted a few days later, far away, by that law. The next chapter I am about to write, number sixteen, continues his story. It will be a gruesome, horrific scene that will blow this story wide open.

In chapter 14, Zephir, the scout from the desert nation, gets his second chapter. There is a lot more insight here as to his relationship with his closer friend in the squad, and I talk more about the other two squad members while adding even more questions of their mysteriousness for the reader. This story line has impressed me more than I thought it would. This has turned out to be a great group of characters.

The last chapter in this section, chapter 15, continud Innis’s story. She is the pilgrim POV. In this chapter there is some good comic relief, and the characters are just on the edge of their homeland where their journey is about to start for real, and they mention some of the details of the next stage. They are about to enter the nation of Talon, a place with an incredible culture that I think readers will really love.

Thank you for reading!

total 1-15

Character cloud for total, chapters 1-15 (by # of mentions)

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