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First of all, thank you for visiting this blog. I hope you will choose to follow and be a part of this journey. You do not need to be a WordPress user to follow, the ‘Subscribe’ button on the homepage is for everyone. Every bit of support is most appreciated. Feel free to repost anything, just please link it back to this site.

How to read the blog (use the Categories):
I am using this blog as a preview site for my début fantasy series. This is the first place anything public will be released. While this is technically a blog, I use it more as a website filled with content. What I mean by that is new posts may refer to old ones, and the best way to be a reader of this site is to explore the content. To catch up with past information, the categories on the right are appropriately titled and contain specific posts. The vast majority of what I post takes no more than a couple minutes to read. Also, please remember that posts about my book are previews and insights. No excerpts are near final version quality unless I mention it.

I am writing for The Lands of Unitus as well, a collaborated fantasy world. Have a look at the Sesho Region and its main story, Stone BrigandsAlso, be sure check out the other four areas in Unitus! Each is uniquely envisioned by a different writer.

General Questions (Forum): If you have any general questions, suggestions for future posts, or have something else on your mind, feel free to comment on the ‘Forum’ page. I read every comment.

Contact Information: If you have specific inquiries or want to communicate privately in a professional capacity, send an email to I assure you it is secure and no one but myself will read it.

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