The Lieutenants: 2nd, General Victus

“Victus! Victus! Victus!” -Victory chants, Battles of Athos: 8th Engagement

General is another title that has lasted through the ages, and it is usually a customary title for the High-King as his word has the final say. Victus, a weathered man in his forties, unofficially holds it, however. His charisma and proven strategic genius in battle has earned him the right to lead his otherwise leaderless fellow, headstrong soldiers. His orders in the heat of combat are taken seriously and have been known, on many occasions, to be the reasons why some battles have been won where the enemy should have been the victors. Victus is a name which implies not only his individual success, but victory in the battle as a whole (which is less important than you may think in this society, until the time of the present story where old traditions experience change).

Though it is true that Victus enjoys directing tactics, that does not mean that he sits back to direct, or that he is not adept at getting his hands dirty. Quite the opposite. He leads every one of his own plans, as no Aquari would listen to him otherwise (same goes for the King of the Aquari, although he is not expected to be at the front of the line). Victus’s appearance is what you might expect of someone with the title of General; richly adorned arms and armour. He is capable with all types of weapons, choosing them based on whatever he feels is optimal for the situation at hand. Still, he is different than the other Lieutenants because he has risen to the 2nd position by way of his greatest strength, intelligence. He frequently outsmarts his opponents, on and off the battlefield.

Next you will get to meet the 1st. If the Lieutenant pantheon, the ‘gods of war’, were truly gods set up in a hierarchy of all those who were part of The Eleven from both past and present, surely it is he who would sit at the top.

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  1. I like how general is a common term for the king. It really gives a taste of the setting and what’s expected. Very cool.

    1. Thanks! I’m glad it implied in the right way. It’s been challenging to do that with this race of characters.

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