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POV: “Pilgrim”

The Pilgrim is a young acolyte from the northern ‘new’ city of Pius. She spends much of her time being a voice of reason, trying her best to watch out for the two pranksters she has grown up with since childhood. Together with these best friends, the Pilgrim sets out on a spiritual adventure around […]

Progress Journal Entry 2: Chapters 6-10

Woo-hoo! The first ten chapters of the first, a.k.a. “bare-bones”, draft are DONE. The process is still moving quite well. Any pauses I have had in the writing process, such as less writing on weekends, has been boosted by a few days a week where I go much farther than my 650 word daily limit. […]

The Lieutenants: 6th, Rammos the Agile

“Careful, friend. I have seen him toy with a man twice his size” –The Lieutenant Training Grounds, Islos Rammos is all about speed. “The Agile” name is only given to Aquari soldiers with the most exceptional quickness. He is relatively young amongst the Eleven, having just turned thirty. The true top speed he is capable […]

National Cultures of Pentia: Intro

Just a short intro and news post today. I am currently chipping away at a few posts that preview my different nations a little more closely. Since I have a visual of the world map on the blog now, I thought it would be a great idea. These posts will be basic profiles of each […]

World Building: How to come up with populations for your world

Here is a little tool you might find useful in creating your worlds. Population data can be important, more for the writer than the reader. Knowing the populations of the regions/cities/places in your world can really help you understand the playing field on which your characters find themselves, and ensure the larger scale events make […]

München: Meine Lieblingsstadt (Photos of my first trip to Europe)

For this weekend post, I’m going to switch it up a bit. First, I have to say that I am momentarily out of pre-written posts to talk about my book project, my characters, etc. There is plenty more to come, and I have some topics already set up, I just need to write them out. […]

POV: “Senator”

The Senator spends most of his days in the Solan Senate, arguing and bickering with a hundred other old men on political issues. These days, one issue stands out above the rest. Their new neighbours to the western peninsula are pushing them to a point where violence may be the only option. These newcomers search […]

First look at Innis (short excerpt)

Here is another look at a character of mine. This time we peer over Innis’s shoulder (in the least creepy way possible), an acolyte of the prominent faith embarking on a worldwide pilgrimage with her two closest friends. Innis of Pius; just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? This is another raw version of my […]

The Lieutenants: 7th, Pallerus of Islos

“Keep your daughters home this day, for I heard Pallerus comes our way” Pallerus is the pretty-boy of the Eleven with long, straight hair and a clean face. His combat style is wonderful, his form perfect. He is the first Lieutenant from the small city of Islos (and only, with the exception of Gammus), hence […]

POLL!: Whose side are you on?

Hello readers! It’s poll time. Now that the map for the blog is complete and posted, I ask you, whose side are you on? and possibly as part of your answer, where would you choose to live? Please have a quick look at the map to decide on your top two choices, then feel free […]

Pentia A-Z: C is for Caristoss

Caristoss is the name of The Leader, the religious prophet worshipped by the five nations of Pentia. He is not commonly referred to by his actual name, but it is well known. Four-hundred and ninety years ago, he landed on the desert shores with his Host during the Final War. He and His Host were […]

World Map Feature #6: Final Blog Version

This is the near-final version of my hand-made world map. I actually finished this a long time ago, and have been releasing it in pieces, on purpose. Here are all the names of the major players in Pentia. You may have noticed the similarity between the names Sola and Pola. These are the two nations […]

Progress Journal Entry 1: Chapters 1-5

This is a little late, but I wanted to write a small entry on my writing journey. I think I’ll write a little something after every 5 chapters. If you don’t know, I am writing my first serious book (tentatively named ADVANCE OF THE WEST, F.O.T.S. #1) and it has been a really exciting experience […]

POV: “Exile”

The Exile’s story is one of true sorrow. He is the victim of horrible fate and circumstance, like an innocent man wrongfully convicted of a murder who is forced against all reason to spend the rest of his life in prison. The Exile relives his earliest memory, in which the last of his family was […]

Summertime posts

Summer, my favourite season of the year – which does not last as long as I would like up here in Canada – is upon us. I love the heat during the day, and where you can still walk outside wearing shorts and a T-shirt and feel no discomfort at night. Somewhere around a high […]

“Advance of the West”

ADVANCE OF THE WEST. What do you think of the tentative title for Book 1? I have never been closer to choosing something that makes sense and doesn’t sound iffy. I am still open to any suggestions if you think you may have something interesting while reading along. Just for fun – as these are […]

The Lieutenants: 8th, Blaccus

“I pity the poor soul who confronts Blaccus, completely unaware of what he faces.” -High-King Tarrus When ordinary and greatness clash, you end up with something like this man. Very friendly with the regular soldiers, Blaccus has the personality of a common man. He prefers a rag-tag look instead of the richly adorned, noble attire […]

Pentia A-Z: B is for Blesina

Blesina is the new capital city of the Banished People. It is situated on a north-west corner of the large, south-east island (full map will be up soon). The city has an “oversized” port (much larger than the above picture), but little else is known. The island is mostly a mystery as its new inhabitants […]

World Map Feature #5: Large Cities, Minor Cities

Plenty more locations in this edition. These are all of the major cities in this world. Those with a diamond are the capitals from last week, while the squares are cities with populations higher than two-hundred thousand, and the circles are smaller populations. Each was once its own city-state but most now have allegiance to […]

Chapter 1 RAW version, Part 3: Panic?

Part 3 is the last for chapter one. By RAW version, I mean to say that this first chapter I am posting is the very first write through. I checked for typos, but I have not changed anything else as of yet, so there is plenty of work to be done. After this our story […]

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