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POLL!: The Lieutenants: Choose your favourite characters

Now that all of The Eleven have been revealed, I wonder, who do you like best? By choosing your top four (you can choose 4 of the 10 options), it helps me know initially what readers think of them. This is especially useful since as I am writing this post here and now, most of […]

The Lieutenants: 1st, Otannus

“There is a greatness that comes only once every few generations. A talent so rare, some are born and die without witnessing its mark on history. Otannus does not belong to that highest order, for he is greater. He is the anomaly of time. His is the talent that comes only Once. He has no […]

The Lieutenants: 2nd, General Victus

“Victus! Victus! Victus!” -Victory chants, Battles of Athos: 8th Engagement General is another title that has lasted through the ages, and it is usually a customary title for the High-King as his word has the final say. Victus, a weathered man in his forties, unofficially holds it, however. His charisma and proven strategic genius in […]

The Lieutenants: 3rd, Mantus the Enduring

“Thank the Gods he is on our side!” –Rammos, 6th Lieutenant Mantus the Enduring he is named, for there was no ready traditional name available for his unique abilities. Enduring was chosen as it had the same style as the other titles in the Aquari armies, but everyone knows him as Mantus the Unbreakable. They […]

The Lieutenants: 4th, Pactus the Strong

“Word is someone brought the First to one knee this morning. Who was it?” –The Lieutenant Training Grounds, Islos So, we have come to the top four. These are great men amongst great men. Not great for the goodness of their personal intentions or from the morality of the outcomes they carve into history with […]

The Lieutenants: 5th, Arturus Mariner

“Such a shame” Arturus is a rarity among the Aquari. He is a fine sailor and works as a non-military man on the side. The nickname Mariner has become a surname, a very uncommon occurrence in their culture, and it was most likely first meant to be a mocking of his lifestyle. Typically in Aquari […]

The Lieutenants: 6th, Rammos the Agile

“Careful, friend. I have seen him toy with a man twice his size” –The Lieutenant Training Grounds, Islos Rammos is all about speed. “The Agile” name is only given to Aquari soldiers with the most exceptional quickness. He is relatively young amongst the Eleven, having just turned thirty. The true top speed he is capable […]

The Lieutenants: 7th, Pallerus of Islos

“Keep your daughters home this day, for I heard Pallerus comes our way” Pallerus is the pretty-boy of the Eleven with long, straight hair and a clean face. His combat style is wonderful, his form perfect. He is the first Lieutenant from the small city of Islos (and only, with the exception of Gammus), hence […]

The Lieutenants: 8th, Blaccus

“I pity the poor soul who confronts Blaccus, completely unaware of what he faces.” -High-King Tarrus When ordinary and greatness clash, you end up with something like this man. Very friendly with the regular soldiers, Blaccus has the personality of a common man. He prefers a rag-tag look instead of the richly adorned, noble attire […]

The Lieutenants: 9th, Andarus

“See the calm with which he fights? The man will never make a mistake, you will have to be better than him to win.” –The Lieutenant Training Grounds, Islos Andarus is the oldest, most experienced of The Eleven. Receiving the rank later than most who earn the title, he is in his late 50’s, in […]

The Lieutenants: 10th, Jastos

“It is wise not to stand in the path of Jastos, unless you wish for bruises.” -Aquari Soldier Of all The Eleven, Jastos is the most conniving. A man with messy hair and more than a few scars, he is cruel and impatient, even with his own subordinates. His love for battle is expressed differently […]

The Lieutenants: 11th, Gammus

“Poor Gammus.” Destiny can be so cruel. Gammus is perhaps the most unfortunate man to ever rightfully own the name of Lieutenant. Appointed only a few years ago after the most recent death of an Eleven, Gammus has yet to fight in a real battle with his new title. The last remaining Esteri on the […]

The Lieutenants: Introduction

In my WAR! post, I mentioned the Lieutenants. They are a pantheon of eleven elite soldiers in the army of one of the two opposing, ‘newcomer’ nations. To avoid confusion, I guess now is the time to first mention their names. These newcomers call themselves the Aquari and the Esteri (much more on them to […]

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