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Progress Journal Entry 5: Chapters 21-25

It’s been another month since the last five chapters were done. That’s in part due to August being a month where I tend to take a mental vacation from everything, but mostly because I have begun to write in a more random order based on my day to day mood. Chapters 21 to 25 are […]

Holy [expletive], I just brutally killed one of my characters!

So, um…yeah. All of the corners in my bedroom are occupied by furniture or something else, so where am I supposed to crawl into a ball and weep? Alright, let’s be serious here, killing off your characters is tough. Who but we, the authors, have a greater connection to our characters? It can be a […]

Progress Journal Entry 4: Chapters 16-20

Phew! That was the most difficult section, so far. I just finished chapter 20 a couple of days ago. I got hit by two different forces at the same time, which both made my writing per day less than I wanted. First off, all of these chapters were hard to write for different reasons. Two […]

Progress Journal Entry 3: Chapters 11-15

Another milestone! Fifteen chapters out of the seventy-nine have been written for the first draft. In this batch, I only experienced minor setbacks due to a few job interviews I had this week. Fingers crossed for a call early next week. One of them was a great fit for me. Anyway, these latest chapters were […]

Progress Journal Entry 2: Chapters 6-10

Woo-hoo! The first ten chapters of the first, a.k.a. “bare-bones”, draft are DONE. The process is still moving quite well. Any pauses I have had in the writing process, such as less writing on weekends, has been boosted by a few days a week where I go much farther than my 650 word daily limit. […]

Progress Journal Entry 1: Chapters 1-5

This is a little late, but I wanted to write a small entry on my writing journey. I think I’ll write a little something after every 5 chapters. If you don’t know, I am writing my first serious book (tentatively named ADVANCE OF THE WEST, F.O.T.S. #1) and it has been a really exciting experience […]

“Advance of the West”

ADVANCE OF THE WEST. What do you think of the tentative title for Book 1? I have never been closer to choosing something that makes sense and doesn’t sound iffy. I am still open to any suggestions if you think you may have something interesting while reading along. Just for fun – as these are […]

On the Path of Seventy-Nine Chapters

Oh. My. God. I can’t believe this thing is ready to go. All chapters laid out in an orderly fashion, a very short synopsis for each, all written down in that organized chart. This is beautiful. The task before me is extremely daunting as there ended up being more total chapters than I originally pictured. […]

An unexpected day of MASSIVE progress

I did not plan to work on this project today, not even for a minute. Yet I was on my laptop earlier and brought up my main map to try something (first map post coming tomorrow). I just wanted to roughly lay out my main character story paths by drawing where I thought they would […]

How I FINALLY came up with the world’s name

Sometimes I have a lot of trouble creating a name or a title. Luckily, character names came to me easily enough, and I found a method for choosing good names for my locations. It is usually not that easy, however. Take the title of my first book for example. I still don’t have much of […]

Map completed!

Finished! The world map of FOTS is now finalized. Cities are in their proper places, as are rivers, lakes, mountains, special locations, everything. Done. There are around 36 major and minor cities on this continent (including both populated and ruined). I’m glad I did this yesterday because I added a couple more settlements. I realized […]

A successful first month & keeping faith in quality

My first post was on March 4th of this year, and after nearly one month I am more than happy with the reception. Eighteen fantastic followers have put some faith in me, some of whom will especially not be forgotten. I know there are more on the horizon and should any significant success come my […]

How it all began

The idea for this project came to me sometime last year (2012). It used the bare-bones of an idea I had years ago, and while this updated version is barely recognizable to the old idea, that was the origin of my inspiration. I really can’t remember the exact first time it happened, but when it […]

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