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Prologue announcement

I have pieced together excerpts of my Book 1 Prologue (first draft) and the countdown I set up on the blog a couple weeks back, continues. Next Tuesday, Part 1 of 2 will launch, then two days later the second part will be posted. Part 1 is more of a descriptive set-up for what is […]

World Map Feature #3: Hills, Forests, and Dunes

Map 3 has a few more landscape additions, like the title suggests. Not too much here, but next week I’ll be adding the capitals, followed by all cities, and then most likely labels for everything. Forests provide obstacles for travel, cover for those wishing to escape, and for one nation, isolation from the world allowing […]

Pentia A-Z

I have seen a few other blogs using an A-Z collection as a way to share some content in a random and fun way. I think this is a wonderful idea, so I’m going to do the same. The letters will represent people, locations, and important words that provide more insight into this world. Be […]

POV: “King”

The King of Askar is a peaceful man and a true believer in pacifism. He rules with compassion, prioritizing the needs of his people over his own. He takes great care in teaching his children what it means to rule, a great king in every way. Yet soon he finds that his kind choice to […]

PLOT (The Most Important Thing)

Plot is everything. Plot is what everyone is looking for, and what everyone remembers. No matter what the story being told is, it all comes down to one basic question: What happens? After that we ask ourselves: Is it interesting? then: Do I care? If the answers to the last two questions are something along […]

On the Path of Seventy-Nine Chapters

Oh. My. God. I can’t believe this thing is ready to go. All chapters laid out in an orderly fashion, a very short synopsis for each, all written down in that organized chart. This is beautiful. The task before me is extremely daunting as there ended up being more total chapters than I originally pictured. […]

The Lieutenants: 11th, Gammus

“Poor Gammus.” Destiny can be so cruel. Gammus is perhaps the most unfortunate man to ever rightfully own the name of Lieutenant. Appointed only a few years ago after the most recent death of an Eleven, Gammus has yet to fight in a real battle with his new title. The last remaining Esteri on the […]

World Map Feature #2: Mountains and Water

The first map I posted was just an outline. Here I have added mountains, rivers, lakes, and a title. Note that the rivers you see here are the larger, main rivers of the story. There are of course smaller bodies of water everywhere, like there is in our own geography. I said in one of […]

POV: Intro

Next week, and every Friday after that for about two months, I’m going to be posting about my nine POV characters. These will be short introductory descriptions in a style of writing similar to what one might see on a book jacket. Look at it as a way to get introduced to them before reading […]


We all have our favourite characters. Some we love, some we love to hate, and some we even just plain don’t like at all. Plot is nothing without the actions of characters. In fantasy, there is the opportunity for writers to make very unique people for their stories. You can create someone who is not […]

Liebster Award

Today I have been given a surprising award nomination. Thank you jezzarath! Make sure that you check out his blog! The Liebster Award has some rules to follow if you are nominated. Please ensure that you continue the tradition. The Liebster Award is very unique in bringing recognition to the smaller blogs.  With that in […]

The Lieutenants: Introduction

In my WAR! post, I mentioned the Lieutenants. They are a pantheon of eleven elite soldiers in the army of one of the two opposing, ‘newcomer’ nations. To avoid confusion, I guess now is the time to first mention their names. These newcomers call themselves the Aquari and the Esteri (much more on them to […]

World Map Feature #1: Outline

Here it is! Well, it’s the outline at least. One step at a time here, I need something to post about. That would be terrible if I ran out of things to show (don’t worry, I don’t expect I will any time soon). I hope this is acceptable as a first look, and also hope […]

An unexpected day of MASSIVE progress

I did not plan to work on this project today, not even for a minute. Yet I was on my laptop earlier and brought up my main map to try something (first map post coming tomorrow). I just wanted to roughly lay out my main character story paths by drawing where I thought they would […]


A steady flow of good writing, meaningful dialogue, and great action is what makes any book worth reading. In fantasy, action scenes are full of combat and I for one, love it. This world of FOTS is full of life and death. In times of serious conflict, decisions and deeds of people have huge impacts […]

How I FINALLY came up with the world’s name

Sometimes I have a lot of trouble creating a name or a title. Luckily, character names came to me easily enough, and I found a method for choosing good names for my locations. It is usually not that easy, however. Take the title of my first book for example. I still don’t have much of […]


This is something that I left out of my CULTURE post. I want to touch on the different ‘races’ I have in my series. I use that term because it is the popular word in the fantasy genre. While pretty much all of the people in FOTS are human, they are racially different. Each race […]

Map completed!

Finished! The world map of FOTS is now finalized. Cities are in their proper places, as are rivers, lakes, mountains, special locations, everything. Done. There are around 36 major and minor cities on this continent (including both populated and ruined). I’m glad I did this yesterday because I added a couple more settlements. I realized […]


Alas! What would a fictional world be without actual, physical land and sea?! Answer: Nothing! So why have I waited this long to post about it concerning my philosophies of world building? Simple. You do not need to start with a finalized ‘world map’ to understand your own concepts. It is even not entirely necessary […]

A successful first month & keeping faith in quality

My first post was on March 4th of this year, and after nearly one month I am more than happy with the reception. Eighteen fantastic followers have put some faith in me, some of whom will especially not be forgotten. I know there are more on the horizon and should any significant success come my […]

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