POLL!: The Lieutenants: Choose your favourite characters

Now that all of The Eleven have been revealed, I wonder, who do you like best? By choosing your top four (you can choose 4 of the 10 options), it helps me know initially what readers think of them. This is especially useful since as I am writing this post here and now, most of their specific roles in the story remain undecided. I think they are all great, but after a small sample of each I am very curious to see who you will pick.

If you haven’t read their profiles before, or just need a refresher, they can all be found here (the Category sidebar). I left out Gammus (11th), because, well…he’s pretty useless lol. He wont make it very far into the story and there will be a much better replacement. This should be a lot of fun. If you would like, comment on your choices, why you chose a certain one, or mention which is your most or least favourite. Thanks for voting, readers!

PS: if you are new to them, they are a group of side characters found within one of the major plot lines. There is some general info in the Introduction post, also found in the Lieutenants category.

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  1. More great characters! My votes:
    Jastos–because he’s so unpredictable.
    Andarus–I like to see older characters shine a bit.
    Pallerus–I find his ego amusing.
    Rammos–speed is good 😀
    And poor Gammus, hehe!

    1. Awesome, great choices! Thanks so much for reading along.

  2. Long live Mantus! I was going to vote for Victus as well, but I decided for just one vote.

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