National Cultures of Pentia: The Askarians

AskarCapital City: Askar

Estimated total population: 1,681,319

Estimated military size (absolute maximum strength): 153,000

Typical appearance and social/cultural traits:

The people of Askar to the north-east have dark blonde hair and grey eyes. They are known for their expert craftsmanship, and there are no finer smiths in the world than the ones in the nation of Askar, most notably in the city of Hetta.

Culture can differ greatly in Askar from city to city, from geographical variety and national history. The nation’s past is packed with civil disputes, alliances, rivalries, and although they are now all united, there remains an air of tension during diplomatic meetings between lords and the king. This is mostly between the leadership of the cities, however. Currently, the people themselves love their king, and there has been a significant movement of pacifism, evolved impressively to a point where disarmament is a young, growing topic.

Names typically end in hard consonants. The names of places and people were inspired by Swedish and Danish words, although this culture is not Norse in any way, in fact they better resemble the Peloponnesians.

Military style:

Askar has the largest military, mostly thanks to the city of Kullar’s traditional military focus and change-resistant culture. Organization is reminiscent of an ancient Greek, classical age military. Key differences in equipment include heavier, and better quality armour for the average soldier, making them harder to bring down, but with a trade-off in mobility.

Geographical environment:

Landscapes differ greatly in Askar. Within the nation’s borders, it is hilly to the north-west, and lush in the lands south of the continent’s largest river and around the large lake near the capital. There are wetlands near the mouth of the river caused by a huge river delta. Ash lands cover the central-northern areas nearest the volcano and the northern hills, and it is rocky and rainy to the north-east.


Askar is a monarchy. There is a royal family, however rule is only passed from father to son. This means if there is a break in the direct line, that power will not go to an uncle or distant family member, only as far as a full brother. If there is no obvious suitor, then the crown passes to a new family, chosen by the lords. The lords rule each of the other four cities of Askar, with limited power meant to look after local affairs. The city of Kullar does have a lord, although its nobility is naturally aristocratic, complicating the political system.

Place of interest:

The city of Hetta has the largest population of the Askarian cities, and is built in front of a large shiny wall of natural black igneous rock. Within, the old keep is an ancient, and some might say terrifying, spiky structure made entirely out of the black rock. The city looks something like a dark lord’s home, although it is beautiful in a harsh, raw sort of way. Hetta also houses a district famous for its quality smiths, armourers, and jewellers. Many goods from the city are in high demand worldwide.

National Colours:

Black and orange.

City symbols:

A crown, hoplite’s helm, fireball, fish, flower.

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