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Pentia A-Z: E is for Exile

This Exile is not the aforementioned POV character “The Exile”. It also stands for a landmark in the southern nation of Sola. It is the name of the westernmost mountain of the Cloud Tops, and for the immediate surrounding lands at the foot of the mountain. Beneath Exile lies a labyrinth of natural dark tunnels […]

National Cultures of Pentia: The Polarians

Capital City: Pola Estimated total population: 666,667 Estimated military size (absolute maximum strength): 104,000* Typical appearance and social/cultural traits: The people of Pola have pitch-black hair and green eyes, and are akin to the Solans in the south, although both cultures have long since gone separate ways. They are passionate and skilled in the arts. They also have […]

National Cultures of Pentia: Sola

Capital City: Sola Estimated total population: 2,883,692 Estimated military size (absolute maximum strength): 146,000 Typical appearance and social/cultural traits: The people of Sola have pitch-black hair and green eyes. They are fashion conscious, preferring to wear bright clothing and plenty of expensive jewellery. Part of this comes from Sola being the richest nation in the world, and […]

Shocking Revelation! from an early (awful) map drawing

I found this map in my pictures folder a few days ago. I’m happy that I saved it because it was fun, even funny, to see how my original idea has changed over time. This is the very first map attempt I made. I drew it on my laptop using Paint. Something very weird happened […]

National Cultures of Pentia: The Autonomous City-State of Penta

Estimated total population: 400,000 Estimated military size (at absolute full strength): 12,000 Typical appearance and social/cultural traits: Citizens of Penta come from all over the world, but typically they live in the separate district for their own nation. Each of the five outer districts is located on the opposite side from the nation’s actual location on […]

POLL!: Whose side are you on?

Hello readers! It’s poll time. Now that the map for the blog is complete and posted, I ask you, whose side are you on? and possibly as part of your answer, where would you choose to live? Please have a quick look at the map to decide on your top two choices, then feel free […]

World Map Feature #6: Final Blog Version

This is the near-final version of my hand-made world map. I actually finished this a long time ago, and have been releasing it in pieces, on purpose. Here are all the names of the major players in Pentia. You may have noticed the similarity between the names Sola and Pola. These are the two nations […]

Pentia A-Z: A is for Askar

Askar is both the name of a city and a nation. The city of Askar, the capital of the north-east nation, houses the Askarian King and his household. The city is not the largest in the nation, but is central to politics and international trade. Much of the nation’s population lives in a harsh and […]

World Map Feature #1: Outline

Here it is! Well, it’s the outline at least. One step at a time here, I need something to post about. That would be terrible if I ran out of things to show (don’t worry, I don’t expect I will any time soon). I hope this is acceptable as a first look, and also hope […]

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