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Stone Brigands: Episode 2

Episode 2: The Scandalous Companion

Sparring with a ‘God’ (excerpt, part 3 of 3): Reflection

Part three. Here’s part 1 & part 2. This section of the chapter needs the most work for when I come back to it after the first draft is completed. Thanks for reading! Chapter 21 (first draft) Islos Part 3 of 3 (continued) Cirrus was resting in the shade of the ship’s sails, resting and watching as […]

Sparring with a ‘God’ (excerpt, part 2 of 3): Plenty more to learn

Part two! Here was part 1. Again, this is Cirrus (the Soldier POV), having just started his practice match with the Aquari 5th Lieutenant, Arturus Mariner. I’m hoping even though it is just the first draft, that I was able to give somewhat of a clear visualization of how the characters were moving. Thanks for reading! […]

Sparring with a ‘God’: First look at Cirrus (excerpt, part 1 of 3)

Here is a new, long-awaited excerpt from FotS: Book 1. Here we have Cirrus (the Soldier POV). He is taking a ship, on his way to his ascension ceremony with a legend as escort, Arturus Mariner. Overall, it is an action-packed chapter. Again, this is from the original draft. I only read through it once […]

National Cultures of Pentia: Talon

Capital City: Talon Estimated total population: 2,948,718 Estimated military size (absolute maximum strength): 115,000 Typical appearance and social/cultural traits: Talonians have brown hair and brown eyes. The geography of the gigantic forests is a sort of land-within-a-land, secluding the people from the rest of the world. As a result, the culture of Talon is very different from other […]

First look at Rees (short excerpt)

This is another short excerpt, this time showing the beginning of the story of the Archer POV, Rees. This is taken from chapter 7 of book one, and it is in first draft form (i.e. limited figurative language and only basic descriptions). It is far from great but I just want to show a little […]

First look at Innis (short excerpt)

Here is another look at a character of mine. This time we peer over Innis’s shoulder (in the least creepy way possible), an acolyte of the prominent faith embarking on a worldwide pilgrimage with her two closest friends. Innis of Pius; just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? This is another raw version of my […]

Chapter 1 RAW version, Part 3: Panic?

Part 3 is the last for chapter one. By RAW version, I mean to say that this first chapter I am posting is the very first write through. I checked for typos, but I have not changed anything else as of yet, so there is plenty of work to be done. After this our story […]

Prologue (Part 2 of 2)

After careful consideration, I decided to change the tense of the prologue to past tense. Not surprisingly, it is actually very easy to change tenses, and it did not change the feel or quality at all. So, please look back and read part 1 (here) again if you would like to, in order to avoid […]

Prologue (Part 1 of 2)

Here is my prologue, part 1. It is mostly finished. I think I might leave it out of the final manuscript that I’ll send to publishers, but there’s plenty of time to figure that out down the road. Either way, this is definitely a part of my personal definitive version, because my VERY last chapter […]

Chapter 1 RAW version, Part 2: Calamites

So, I figured I might as well continue posting this unedited first chapter since it would be too much of a tease to leave just the first part. The suggestions I got for improvement for Part 1 (which is here) were helpful, so here’s some more for my appreciation. There will be a Part 3 […]

A first look at Sola and the Senator: a RAW version of Chapter 1

The prologue is still coming on Tuesday, but I decided to also show what a first draft looks like (well, my own anyway). Here is the raw version of Chapter 1, unedited. This is the first nine-hundred words or so. Writing is not my profession, so I am curious as to how your process works, […]

Prologue announcement

I have pieced together excerpts of my Book 1 Prologue (first draft) and the countdown I set up on the blog a couple weeks back, continues. Next Tuesday, Part 1 of 2 will launch, then two days later the second part will be posted. Part 1 is more of a descriptive set-up for what is […]

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