Kagalla’s Sacrifice

black_pantherCenturies ago, when humans were young to the lands of Sesho, the Felids, Vix, and Wolves were more numerous and powerful, and the art of stone-making was still known by some among them.

Conflict was abundant during that time, as it had always been, but the Felids were in a period of peak strength. In their greed they aimed to strike both the Vix and the Wolves at once. Primary conflict usually centred on battle between cat and fox, the wild wolves a secondary scene. In their ambitious attacks on two fronts, the Felids soon found themselves beaten back, as an alliance between Vix and Wolf forced them to retreat to their own lands.

With storm to the north and east, and fire to the west, the Felids found themselves retreating to the very heart of their lands. It was then that Kagalla, leader and panther goddess of the Felids who originally created the first of the magical stones, also forged the last. With all her power, she made a stone in the shape of a perfect sphere, and it was the same amber of her eyes. She showed it to the remaining Felids, the one-hundred that still defended. In awe of the object and its immense power, she shook her head and told them their faiths were misplaced. The stone would not be enough, and there was only one way for the Felids to survive. So she told them what it was, and they approached to stop her, but she insisted.

Kagalla then held the sphere before her, and forced her very soul into the object. When her body collapsed, and her hand let go of the sphere, it fell to the ground and shattered into a hundred pieces. Each of the survivors took a shard and with it their power grew. They fought back in wrath, pushing the Vix and Wolves to their own lands with heavy losses.

The Felids were victorious, but at a terrible cost. A foundation was laid for increased hostility that remains to this day, and the art of stone-making was forever lost.

Kagalla stones are the most coveted and rarest (there are only one-hundred), as every race is capable of using them. They not only channel magic more effectively than the other stones, but the power of Kagalla’s soul within them makes the user stronger as well. The legend of the amber stones’ creation has lasted the centuries, but the knowledge that they come from a singular object is forgotten. Yet other various legends, believed separate, speak of an ancient spherical object of incredible power. The names for it and its perceived capabilities differ by area.

© 2013 FOTS Fantasy


  1. That’s a pretty awesome idea. I’ve never known how folks go about collaborating on stories like that, just due to how different a story can become even to *one* mind over the course of working on it, much less several–the separated/regional approach sounds like a good system, though.

    If you guys decide to post any of your completed regional stories, I look forward to reading them. 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot! We just set up a website for the world. It should be up and running soon, check it out: http://landsofunitus.wordpress.com/

      1. Yeah, I will be posting some stuff on the new site tonight.I really have been enjoying reading everyone’s work. It is kinda nice to see these ideas take shape from the start.

  2. Neat backstory. Are you and your cohorts looking to do a graphic novel kind of deal with the collaboration? The character sketches are pretty great.

    1. I know, right? One of the other writers really is great at sketches. Each of us is actually creating and writing our own area that we are piecing together as one world. Since we each have very different styles and environments, it’ll be quite interesting!
      We aren’t sure what we might publish down the road, but I’ll be writing my region’s story in “episodes” if you will, possibly expanding them into a book series eventually.

  3. Very nice! I like the sacrifice, and the shards of amber.

    1. Great. It’s a nice little backstory that explains a few things.

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