Peoples of Sesho

Sesho is a region I have added to a fantasy world, one area of many as I collaborate with a group of writers. Here is a general guide to the main groups of beings you would find there, if you woke up in Sesho one morning.


A race of cat-humanoids that live in the hostile north of Sesho. Felids are not immortal but can live for a thousand years. They are hostile toward all the other races in the land, especially the Vix and Wolves who they view as their equals, while they deem the others weak. Their magic is not elemental in nature but something on its own, and they use light-green stones to channel it. Some human villages near Felid territory worship the cats as deities, and the cats only use this to their advantage, using humans as servants.


The Vix are immortal fox-beings from the western forests of Sesho. Sightings of them are rare and many humans in the west worship them as protectors. The Vix were once more powerful but were defeated by the Felids many generations ago (that will be a part of tomorrow’s post). Their magic has aspects of fire and heat and many are skilled healers, using the red stones that they created. The present day Vix prefer to act with patience toward their enemies, and so their memory has faded over time. It is known they exist but few people have ever seen one.


The wolf packs of the mountains are territorial and live together in groups of a hundred or so. Their culture is wild and less civilized than the two other pure animal groups. Their magical abilities use wind, or storm forces, and they use the blue stones. Wolves live for a few hundred years and their packs include “normal” wolves of animal intelligence. The Packs are territorial and live separately, however relations between the Packs are usually friendly and they work together to protect their lands and society.


The jackals came from the union of the Vix and Wolves. Now they have spread out and have the second largest population in Sesho. They tend to live in fairly small villages and towns, which are found all over the region. Some still maintain a relationship with the Wolves or Vix, and the jackals are neutral when it comes to humans. That is to mean there is peace in some areas, hostilities in others. The life expectancy of a jackal is around a century, and a few among them possess magical ability, capable of using the red or blue stones. However, their ceiling for magical power is the lowest among the races.

Humans (Seshese)

The native human population in Sesho is the most populated and like the jackals, their settlements can be found almost anywhere. They live in a feudal society where warlords, priests, lords, etc. govern various areas, with no overall national leader. Humans who possess magic ability are far more adept with it than the jackals, and they are capable of using any of the three types of stones, much to the annoyance of the Felids. Human magic is different altogether and is more of an ‘energy’ that will change based on the stone used, and while they do not require the objects, their magic is better focused by using them and an individual will tend to prefer a certain colour.

Humans (Chatal Empire)

Chatal is a place to the south-west of Sesho which has united the cities around it and is calling itself an empire. It aims to invade Sesho and take its precious magical resources, as Chatal is based in a small region of scarce wastelands. The ambitious empire is involved in more than one campaign, Sesho among the most important. They have decided on a “baby-steps” approach to invasion, beginning with small-scale advances to the south. A crucial aspect of their plan is the sending of a small team of magically strong individuals to learn what they can and eliminate the greatest threats from within, however this particular handful is difficult to predict, adding incredible risk to the gamble.

© 2013 FOTS Fantasy


  1. It really sounds like a fun project. I love beings with animal and human aspects. Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with.

    1. Thanks! It’s been great so far, having a thing to add to here and there on the side, just for fun. My stories for it are going to be fun adventures. It’s good writing practice.

  2. Very well thought out concepts and races. I look forward to seeing how the characters fit into the realm.

    1. Thanks. I hope it turns out well, too. I think the ideas will start to flow best once writing starts.

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