Religion plays a role of significance for many of the characters in this story. The nations of the main continent, on which the present story takes place, are strongly devoted to a religion. Their faith is directed towards a Holy Leader, viewed as a saviour, and his Host. They arrived on the mainland around five centuries before the present time, during a period where the nations were involved in a catastrophic ‘world war’ such as the continent had never known before. At the war’s climax and most horrific moment, the newcomers intervened and through a series of events (I don’t wish to give away spoilers) ended the conflict.

Afterwards, the Host worked alongside the nations to rebuild. The Leader and his following aimed to teach the nations various lessons with their higher knowledge, ensuring that such a catastrophe would never happen again. The people of the world idolized them and hallowed everything they did. This formed the basis of the new religion, and also the beginnings of a Pax Romana. Presently, this is practised by a priesthood and pilgrimages to the holy sites where the major lessons were originally taught. In doing so they hope to learn the true value of peace, righteousness, and to understand the evils of war. One of the major POVs is a member of the faith and part of a trio of friends on their pilgrimage journey.

Now don’t take this to mean that religion is at the forefront of the story, because it is not. This is more or less a simple explanation of the religion and its role in the story’s background, adding to the complexity of this fictional world. My inspiration for the use of religion comes from my love of science-fiction. It is a powerful theme in stories like Frank Herbert’s classic Dune Chronicles, and in one of my favourites, the Hyperion Cantos by Dan Simmons, the latter inspiring the use of the pilgrimages. While I prefer fantasy slightly over the other, I feel that both genres are really two sides to the same coin – the coin being epic fiction. One dealing with the past and the other the future. If this project is in any way successful then I can definitely imagine writing a sci-fi project afterwards. I will even note here (but will not mention it again) that I am attempting to incorporate extremely subtle foundations for the possibility for a sci-fi story to connect with this current world. #Ambitous

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